Saturday, May 29

Scraper Bikes

Rocketboom is like Sports Center for internet geeks.  And they even seem to like bikes.

Wednesday, March 31

Epic pile of scavenged bike parts

Us bike geeks find few things more beautiful than a big ass pile of bike parts.  Here is one such pile.

Tuesday, March 23

DIy wooden bike

DIY wooden bike.  Nifty.

Wednesday, September 16

Camper Bike

Finally a solution to the dilemma faced by all tree hugging hippies who have always wanted to go low-impact bicycle camping, but not without all the comforts of home!

Sunday, August 30

Planetary.. wheel!

This miniature rapid-prototyped bike is basically awesome.  I want one.  But big enough to crash - I mean ride.
For those of you who have wondered what the inside of a 3-speed hub looks like - it looks basically just like this.  Planetary gears they call it, and it's pretty dang nifty.

Thursday, August 27

DIY dynamo lighting

This is awful dang nifty. I love hard drive magnets, and I definitely want one on my bike.

Sunday, April 26


Wednesday, January 21

Dutch Bike Madness

Online design magazine Core77 has a great photo gallery from a large bike exhibition in the Netherlands last year.  My favorite is probably the 20 frame CNC milled from a block of oak.

Tuesday, September 30

Same as it ever was

You might ask yourself, what could possibly be more appropriate for sweetnourishingbikes than bicycle racks designed by David Byrne?

Mr. Byrne just played here in Albuquerque, which has prompted me to start reading his web site.  There is a veritable crapload of great stuff to be found there.

Just to spoil the surprise about these bike racks:  The City of New York apparently uses some standard size of square tubing to make its bike racks.  Since David Byrne wanted his funky designs to still be recognizable as bike racks, he wanted to use the proper tubing.  But it was too difficult to bend square tubing in contorted shapes... so they pieced them together out of small, cut, angled sections, welded it all together, and ground the edges down!  Voila! Curved tubing.

Friday, August 15

Drivetrain Challenge

We all showed up for a ride a couple of months ago with a new and different drivetrain.

H brought the homemade singlespeed:

jsn with the Nexus 8 speed:

Eric with the 1 x 5 (custom stack, friction shifter):

Me with 1 x 9:

After a couple of months of trial use, one bike stayed the same, one got upgraded, one converted (back) to the singlespeed, and one was never ridden again...

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 14

Civia Hylander Alfine

I want one.

The Civia Hylander city frame, decked out with a veray sexay black Alfine gruppo. And they are pretty cheap - only 2 grand from JensonUSA.

Usually I'm all steel-is-reel and shit, but aluminum kinda makes sense for a city bike since it won't rust, so you can bang the paint off with your lock without feeling like you should apply nail polish.

Friday, June 6

More Veen-Ho De Bicicletas

Check out this sweet "Pannier" - or Bici-Boulangier, or whatever you call a French dude who sells bread on a bike.

Wednesday, May 28

NYC Steez

Not sure when bmxers decided against rocking brakes...

Tuesday, May 6

Bike Lift in Norway

I'd love to see other simple, elegant solutions to this very common problem.

Monday, April 28

Veen-Ho De Bicicletas

Sometimes when you're shopping for a nice bottle of Veen-Ho, you cast aside bouquet, legs, nose, vintage and all that crap, and just buy the bottle that has a naked chick and a bike on it.

Sunday, April 13

Crazy ass motorized bike seen in Waikiki. Genius!

OMG it's a fixey! Well actually it had a centrifugal clutch that is basically a freewheel, but still.

Friday, March 7

Dinosaurs and Robots: Dispatch

Those of you who frequent the whole Make:Blog sector of the bloggosphere have probably seen Hooptierides. That is the blog by the dude who made that drive-in theater projector trike thing. Remember that? Anyway. That same dude has a new project that appeals to all of us garage sale cruising, junk worshipping, tool obsessing, vintage hunting miscreants. He calls it Dinosaurs and Robots: Dispatch, and the first issue is really nice.

Friday, February 22

Skibike on MAKE:Blog

I love MAKE:Blog. Today they feature the Boozhoundlabs skibike. Aw yeah.

Saturday, February 9

World's Most Dangerous Bike Birthday (Observed)

The latest project: dump-bike fixie.

Custom J-B Weld track cog should keep everything in place. Right? What could happen?

The finished product.

Welcome to the world. Please don't try to kill me like me your friends.

Thursday, February 7

Future Taco

Remember this?

Bam! Thanks to jsn for not allowing me to make it a complete death trap... Now it just needs a maiden voyage to break it in. Note one-cross versus radial lacing. A considerable improvement in strength and reliability? Stay tuned.