Saturday, February 9

World's Most Dangerous Bike Birthday (Observed)

The latest project: dump-bike fixie.

Custom J-B Weld track cog should keep everything in place. Right? What could happen?

The finished product.

Welcome to the world. Please don't try to kill me like me your friends.


Blogger dave said...

Are you saying that you built a cog out of JB Weld?!!

That's *way* cooler than the shiv I carved from a toothbrush.

But really, did you just fuse the freewheel shut, or what?

Saturday, 09 February, 2008  
Blogger bw said...

I fused a track cog to the hub using J-B Weld. I know - mad technology. Unfortunately the track cog was too wide and only left a thread or two for the lock ring. So I am hoping that is sufficient to keep everything in place. Not really the safest set-up, but it is a dump bike...

Saturday, 09 February, 2008  

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