Saturday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving

I like to make stuff. Building things. Bikes are super fun. Food is also fun. Food is one thing you can make that people just plain like. I mean, not many people get really excited about a thrift store bike turned into a grocery getting monstrosity of beauty, but food is... well you can eat it!

Monday, November 20

3rensho catalog

That Chouinard catalog was so rad. This 3Rensho catalog is pretty cool too. Not *as* cool, but at least it's bike related.

Friday, November 3

Ant Alfine Bike

So I love my Shimano Nexus 8 internal gear hub, but I kinda wish it used disc brakes... Well Shimano somehow hears my thoughts and is comeing out with a new MTB oriented 8 speed group called Alfine.

Ant-Bike-Mike built up this baby to show off the new group. The only weirdness is that this uses Rohloff dropouts with that goofy super tall vertical slot, which isn't required for the nexus. They have keyed washers to oppose the pedaling force, but they fit in normal vertical or horizontal dropouts.