Monday, June 18

Hello Kitty bike

For Dot. A Hello Kitty bike. Pardon the poor phontography.

I'm ashamed of how good I look on this sweet ride.


Coolest tire tread EVER.

Tuesday, June 12

Fun with LEDs and bike lights

Make Blog has a cool little roudup of LED bike light projects.

Sunday, June 3

Puttin' in Work

A couple of weeks ago, Brad, H and I did some serious tree removal on the downhill section of the Nail Trail, and so far it is still clear. Total trees removed - 14, including this monster that had fallen down lengthwise in the trail.

Clean country livin'.

Saturday, June 2

My trusty SR commuter

This 10-speed SR spent a couple years in the weeds under my brother's porch in Chico, CA before he gave it to me. It was in very rough condition...

I got some new tires - by buying an old bike with a bent frame on Craigslist. Then I flipped and chopped the bars, and rode it like that for quite a while. As you can see above, the shifters were on the down-tube until I found some bar-end shifters on ebay for $8, what a deal!

After a trip or two to Recycled Cylces, I installed them with new, longer cables and a new cable stop where the old shifters had been. Due to my non-standard brake mounting, I had to mount the shifters upside down. You can also see in the next pic that they don't insert all the way into the end of my bars. *shrugs* Not a big deal to me, they work great! (Although I need to adjust the rear derailer, it doesn't like to stay in 1st gear)

Below is the "finished" product, which I ride to work when good weather, my schedule and my motivation all cooperate. I have been enjoying the pannier bag and less sweaty back, but it means I don't have any water (without my camelback). I guess I'll need to find myself a traditional water bottle cage.

bike on a bike update

I snapped a couple more photos of Alex's bike-toting bike today, since the ones in my original post weren't very good (these are just _additional_ photos, not necessarily better :)). I have seen a couple more of these around with the recent nice weather; if you are interested, the rear end kit is made by xtracycle.