Tuesday, September 30

Same as it ever was

You might ask yourself, what could possibly be more appropriate for sweetnourishingbikes than bicycle racks designed by David Byrne?

Mr. Byrne just played here in Albuquerque, which has prompted me to start reading his web site.  There is a veritable crapload of great stuff to be found there.

Just to spoil the surprise about these bike racks:  The City of New York apparently uses some standard size of square tubing to make its bike racks.  Since David Byrne wanted his funky designs to still be recognizable as bike racks, he wanted to use the proper tubing.  But it was too difficult to bend square tubing in contorted shapes... so they pieced them together out of small, cut, angled sections, welded it all together, and ground the edges down!  Voila! Curved tubing.