Friday, February 22

Skibike on MAKE:Blog

I love MAKE:Blog. Today they feature the Boozhoundlabs skibike. Aw yeah.

Saturday, February 9

World's Most Dangerous Bike Birthday (Observed)

The latest project: dump-bike fixie.

Custom J-B Weld track cog should keep everything in place. Right? What could happen?

The finished product.

Welcome to the world. Please don't try to kill me like me your friends.

Thursday, February 7

Future Taco

Remember this?

Bam! Thanks to jsn for not allowing me to make it a complete death trap... Now it just needs a maiden voyage to break it in. Note one-cross versus radial lacing. A considerable improvement in strength and reliability? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 6

Sheldon Brown 1944 - 2008

I hate to break the sweetnourishingbikes winter dry spell with bad news. More at Harris Cyclery.

If you like bikes and you've never heard of Sheldon Brown, you absolutely must visit