Friday, August 10

Back in D-town

After 7 years in wonderful Seattle, we are now getting settled in my hometown of Durango. So, now I am on the hunt for a quality, used mountain bike. Although we brought 6 bikes back from Seattle in the moving truck, I recently realized that none of them have knobby tires! I better get on my city cruiser and hit the garage sales this weekend. And maybe some pawn shops, too. They always seem to have racks/rooms full of bikes. In fact, the last mtn bike I purchased (mid to late 90's) was from a guy who used to race downhill, but was becoming obsessed with BMX. We had to walk over to the pawn shop so I could test ride it, haha. That bike rocked, and may become my off-road single speed...well, if I can get it back from my brother first. I'll be sure to post pics! of whatever bike I end up on.


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