Monday, May 28

Another food post

I know a lot of you think that posts about food have no place on a blog about bikes and stuff. Well... Bite me :)

Lately I can't stop eating these simple fish tacos. I like to sit on the porch next to the grill in the sunshine and make these - devouring them immediately upon completion.

I think the simplicity is part of the goodness. A Tilapia filet, an avocado, a jalapeno, some cheese, and a splash of limon juice on a corn tortilla. I recommend Oaxaca cheese, which is basically Mexican Mozzarella. Any white fish will do. I like Tilapia and my grocery store usually has it. And for lime juice, look for Mexican or Key limes. I buy bottled Key lime juice for beer and that works great. Put some in your Miller Lite and pretend it's Pacifico. And please use corn tortillas. Get soft ones, not hard grainy ones. The texture will caress the fish instead of making you tear your way into it.

You want to roast the Jalapeno while you cook the fish. This will make it milder and mellower. It will be less hot than when raw, so don't bother digging out the seeds.


Anonymous uda said...

Dear Bike Guy Who Writes Instead About Food,

Rumour has it that you make a mean jambalaya. Do you put beans in your jambalaya? I ask because tonight I made something *called* jambalaya, and while tasty, it was nothing like other jambalaya I've had. Later, I thought, "Wait-- aren't there supposed to be beans?" Sort of like dirty rice, you know? What's your take?


Thursday, 05 July, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Logan said...

I make the same thing a couple times a month, but add a simple mango salsa:
1 mango
1 cucumber
1/2 onion
juice of 1 lime.

good call on the miller light btw

Monday, 30 July, 2007  

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