Wednesday, July 11

Crested Butte!

H, ew and I went to Crested Butte over the 4th, and it was utterly amazing. None of us had ever been, but we all agreed we'll be going back.

Here is a photo from the 401 trail. Imagine this view translated into a bike ride. It was better than that.

A shot of the android cyclists on singlespeeds. Nothing like a nice 2500+ foot climb to over 12000 feet with a couple of cybernetic organisms...

Here's a not-so-great photo of possibly my new all-time favorite ride. It was a loop from the Deadman's Trailhead lot, up Cement Creek Road, to Flag Creek, then Bear Creek, and then back on Deadman's to the truck. Wow.

I'm already ready to go back - probably something to do with work. I imagine there are a lot of rides that the guide books don't even mention, and some great connecting trails that the locals know about, so it would be a lot of fun to go for a while and talk to some people. We found out the details on the above-mentioned trail when we went to one of the many LBS to get a map. Speaking of LBS, that has got to be one of the most bike-friendly towns in the world, with quite possibly the highest concentration of vintage cruisers per capita world-wide. Sadly, no photos.
Next time.


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