Wednesday, May 9

Justin's bike

I am posting this for Justin because it is so great I can't stand it. This is the frame he built. Columbus Zona tubing, flat black paint. What's not to like? (Yes, it is a singlespeed. And yes, Justin is still faster than me. By a factor of 2 at least. And I have gears. 8 gears. So that kinda means he is 8 times 2 as fast as me. Wow that's fast. And he never puts a foot down. Ever.)

The dropouts and brake bosses are just plain sexy, and the welds are fantastic. This is the first frame he has built. I'm floored by the welding skills.

He used an eccentric bottom bracket so there would be no disc alingment issues. I like it.

By far my favorite part of this frame is that he attached the cable stops - or whatever they are when they aren't exactly "stops" - with JB Weld. I love JB Weld.


Blogger ew said...

JB Weld- If it's good enough for our National Security, it's good enough for zip tie, cable guide, thingies...boy howdy!

P.S. I wish I could build my own bikes.

P.P.S. thought the single speed would slow him down. Ha.

Thursday, 10 May, 2007  

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