Tuesday, May 1

Walt Works

Damn it's great to see a Los Alamos alum doing such great things! Walt sure is making a name for himself, and rightly so. Check out these welds!

Walt has a great philosophy when it comes to frame building, and reading through his web site gives me the warm fuzzies about his product. I really appreciate the sleek design of his steel singlespeed 29ers, and I'd love to check one out in person. Three cheers for the home town guy! If you haven't checked out WaltWorks Bicycles, you should.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those welds are be-a-utiful. Recently on frameforum.net, Mr. Walt posted about a contamination problem he was having in his welds. He did tons of troubleshooting, but still is unable to find the source of the problem. It frustrated him so much, he was talking about shutting down shop. Luckily he came to his senses and just decided to keep pushing on and hope the problem fixes itself. It seemed pretty cosmetic anyway. Good for him.


Wednesday, 02 May, 2007  

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