Sunday, May 27

Dump-o-riffic Dunelt

You know how it is when you can't decide whether something is really neat, or really lame? That is how I feel when I find a cool bike at the dump. It is neat/lame that my local landfill has cooler bikes more often than my local thrift store. There is probably a word in Japanese that means "neat/lame".

This beautiful Dunelt ("The Aristocrat of British Cycles") was hidden behind a pile of broken lawnmowers and inexplicably crushed washing machines in the metal pile at the dump. Except for needing air in the tires, which held air, it is completely ridable. I lubed it up and put new brake cables on it ($2.99 cables from the hardware store!) and it is a great little cruiser.

It has the dreaded 650A size rims and tires. Fortunately the tires that were on it are in good shape. The sidewalls are cracked, but structurally sound.

Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hubs are amazing. Anything that takes oil instead of grease (with oil port!) and can survive 45 years of neglect (hub is from 1962) deserves more than a one-way trip to the dump!

The only part that didn't fare so well was the saddle, which was a very uncomfortable contraption of springs, sheetmetal, and peeling vinyl. Fortunately Eric loaned me a relatively period-correct Selle-Italia.


Blogger t. l. said...

i think it's pretty.

Sunday, 27 May, 2007  
Anonymous C said...

Too funny, I just picked up a female specific dunelt cruiser and was thinking the exact same thing. I've decided it's badass, plus, no one will steal it from me :) ...You know, seeing as the lock is worth more than the bike.

Sunday, 27 April, 2008  

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