Thursday, April 5

Vintage Motorized Bicycle

So a couple summers ago, Brian and I built a minibike out of some wheelbarrow wheels and a rototiller engine. It was a lot of fun. I have been thinking of updating it by figuring out a way to install the engine in a normal bicycle frame. So I did some Googling and ran across these vintage instructions on building a motorized bicycle. Wow.

I found this stuff on, which has lots and lot of cool projects. They even have a bike trailer section. How great are these photos?


Blogger bw said...

The bending of the down tube to integrate a motor mount is pretty ingenious. It also creates a relatively short chain length.
And the bike chariot is amazing. I would probably still have all my adult teeth if I had seen this article sooner.

Thursday, 05 April, 2007  
Anonymous ebikedelight said...

I saw my first Vintage eBike yesterday..It must have been an off-road model because it took off fast and I couldn’t catch up in traffic. Looks like a nice bike for those who want primarily throttle riding.

Sunday, 05 June, 2016  

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