Sunday, March 25

Monocog pix

So I got one of these Redline Monocog frames from Pricepoint for $160. The whole point was to get something with horizontal dropouts to make my Nexus 8 happy without a chain tensioner. This also had a slightly longer top tube that the Soma Groove it replaced. The Soma was kinda short, and I found myself wishing the front tire was a couple inches further out there. I love cheap frames. I also love brown frames.

Now that is a sexy drivetrain! Sexy!

I think this above-the-BB cable routing is going to be a good thing. The Nexus hubs are supposed to be pretty finnicky about cable routing. It shifted ok before, with goofier routing (more and sharper bends) so hopefully this will be lakbutta!

The downside to combining a cheap steel frame with a cheap coil-n-oil fork, and an internal gear hub is the weight. This thing weighs in at a healthy 29 lbs. Oh well. I'll just make up for it by not carrying any water, and selling a kidney.


Blogger ew said...

Didn't it come with a fork? Just run it rigid...that'll save some weitght. I'm stoked that someone finally got the monocog. When are you gonna' tell us how she rides?

Monday, 26 March, 2007  
Blogger jsn said...

It did come with a fork. I'll have to try rigid one of these days. Hell, it was good enough back before squishy forks, why not now?

Monday, 26 March, 2007  

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