Saturday, March 31

the old GT

My old GT, always strong and trustworthy, has been rebuilt and reborn to life with my brother. I purchased the 'Team Avalanche' in the mid-90's from a guy who raced it downhill, but had it in pawn so he could get his BMX fix. (We went to the pawn shop so I could test ride it - haha) Here is a 'before' shot:

The bike made the trip from Durango to Seattle with us in 2000; getting some fatty street tires and eventually a rigid fork. Recycled Cycles pretty much rules, as does the place down the street from me, 20/20 Cycle - not sure if he has a site, but I found Alex's (the owner) myspace page googling it.

My brother left Seattle on Wednesday, after living with us for about 9 months. He has a nice road bike, but nothing to ride around town. Until now. I worked on the GT for him and now he's stoked. I took it pretty much down to the frame, put in a new rear brake, and removed the front derailuer and extra chainrings. We decided to leave the shifter on the bars for visual balance, but maybe it's a good place for a light or something. He plans to order some street tires for it, since I kept the ones I have (now on my wife's mountain bike). Now the bike - and my brother I guess - makes it full circle, back to Durango and life in the mountains.
Here is the 'after' shot:


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