Sunday, March 25

whirled peas

Cycling is a weirdly polarizing thing. I was just reading a blog about commuting by people in my little town, and the attitude there is all about being safe and following traffic laws, and using the federally mandated 10 reflectors, and stuff like that. It is really condescending, like if you run a red light ou are fucking up cycling for everyone, and if one of these guys ever sees you, they will chase you down and let you know how much of an asshole you are. It's really offensive. I mean, I'm not a proponent of breaking laws, but I jaywalk, and speed, and overestimate the value of charitable donations, and if I have an opportunity to safely run a red light, I'm probably gonna do it. It's like a perk for being on a bike. If I were in my car, I would be waiting. But I have to pedal this damn thing, so I'm gonna take a few liberties. Cars already hate me, so screw it.

Like Aesop Rock sez: "I've got the solution to world peace: kill every mothafuka but me."


Blogger ew said...

One of em' stopped me on pajarito to explain to me that rolling the light at TA-55 was going to ruin "it" for all cyclists. Pulled up next to me on his motor-bike, and "urged" me to pull over. I don't pretend to be a car when I'm riding on the road, and I don't want anyone to treat me like one either. I ride defensively and try my best not to disrupt or injure anyone. That guy made me feel like the enemy.

Monday, 26 March, 2007  
Blogger jsn said...

I ran a light outside my building the other day and got a comment from a coworker that appeard to be faked-humor. You know, like where they say something that is designed to sound funny, but the words themselves are exactly what they are thinking with no irony at all. I decided that I will try not to disobey the laws of traffic on a bicycle near work. I'm not sure where the boundary is though. I'll definitely wait for that particular light.

Wednesday, 28 March, 2007  
Blogger Brian said...

Or just take the sidewalk.

Sell out.

Wednesday, 28 March, 2007  

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