Sunday, March 25


Over at Hen Waller there is a post on Velocouture ("cycling fashion" for the francophobes). Thanks Tarik (Moscaline) for the link.

But before I get into that, I want to say how cool a blog Hen Waller appears to be. The subtitle is "An Urban Homesteading Journal and Recipe Repository". Awesome. Plus they appears to be in Portland, which is one of those mythically hip places I have never had a good enough excuse to visit. I really need to go there.

I like anything that has to do with bikes and makes people excited about them. If clothes are part of the equasion, great. And I hate the spandex racer thing, so alternatives are very much welcome. I mean, wool knickers - that rocks!

I was going to write about how I feel conflicted about how the whole outsider bicycle messenger scene is being co-opted. I first got that feeling when the fixed gear gallery took off. But the root of that conflict must have something to do with wanting to keep a part of cycling "underground" and "pure" - but what that really means is that I want to keepo it to myself and not share. Or something. So nevermind about being conflicted. I think it is an unqualified Good Thing. But if there is a Mountain Dew commercial with bike messengers in it, I might just go insane. Wow, there probably is one.


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