Sunday, March 18

new bike soon

So the season is upon us. Thoughts are turning to bikes as the snow melts and the mud dries up. To celebrate, and because I always have to change something about my bike(s), I ordered a new frame for my internal gear mountain bike. I'll give you a hint - it is the cheapest singlespeed frame you can buy :) Here is another hint - certain blogged-about hardcore fellas ride one. Ok, I'll just tell you. It is the good old Redline Monocog. Not the 29er. I wanted to go 29, but I would need too many new parts. To compensate, I ordered some fatter tires :) Hopefully next weekend you will be reading a "first ride" post.

In other news, Eric and Justin rode the White Mesa trail, and it was probably really great. Maybe one of them will post something about it...


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