Thursday, August 23


Why didn't I think of that?...

Maybe because I have absolutely no idea what is going on is that photo!

I guess this is some sort of wacky motor for you bike. But I'm not totally sure because the photos on the website are too much for my Miller Lite and Wu Tang Clan addled brain. The "Rural Roads With Roger" video is awesome though.

You give it a try and leave a comment if you figure it out: Neodymics Cyclemotor.


Blogger angrystan said...

It is an alternative to those Crystalyte and Wilderness powered hubs you see around the internet. Instead of wiring batteries and hubs and gears and switches and otherwise consuming all the cargo space on a bicycle, you just buy this evil-looking thing and replace your front wheel with it.

Unlike the kits, it uses a different type of common battery which charges in an hour rather than six or more hours. That 20-inch wheel must provide awesome torque.

Friday, 24 August, 2007  

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