Saturday, September 30

Nexus 8

So in the search for a simplified drivetrain, but not willing to suffer the pain of a single speed. I needs me a granny gear!

The Nexus 8 rocks. The Surly Singleator is a shame, but that that is the best I could do wihtout replacing the dropouts, which I would love to do. The other bummer is that the shifter cable stops don't play nice with the Nexus, so I had to run full cable housing, which adds a lot of friction. It still shifts well, and the gear range is fine. On the one ride I have taken it on - lots of climbing and rolling singletrack - I never got above 6th gear. 1st was nice and low - real close to the old 22/32.

The best part is the absence of chain slap. And the ability to shift while not rolling. Both strange and wonderful.


Blogger Moz said...

Just be careful with that hub! They're not designed for load carrying or high power users, and they don't like shifting under power. Or at least the two that I've had don't (one was a warranty replacement). The second one seems likely to last ~3000 miles, just like the first one.

Tuesday, 03 October, 2006  
Blogger Olyfixie said...

Have you tried a half link? I'd think that between a half link and a little judicious filing you could get the beast to fit without the singleator.

Wednesday, 15 November, 2006  

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