Tuesday, August 8

Don McClung

Don McClung is a framebuilder in Salida, CO who specializes in old school looking rigid single speed 29ers. And he fillet brazes. And uses plate crown forks. Basically his bikes are too cool fer school.

He also has a reputation for retro-grouchiness, which I also like :)

These are the only photos I have been able to find of a Don McClung bike. Please let me know if anyone has more.

Update: found another donbike photo:

I have it on good authority that this frame was built by Don during his early raised chainstay "shorty" years (photo from absolutebikes):

McClung sighting on mtbr:


Blogger jsn said...

Oh yeah - here is an interview. No pics of bikes though. I guess there are some in the print version. Anyone wanna scan them for me?

Tuesday, 08 August, 2006  

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