Wednesday, August 9


Neil over on the frameforum sent me some pics of a beautiful workbike he saw in Mallorca. Apparently it gets quite a few miles and makes some pretty serious climbs. Neil said he saw it all over the place while he was there. I don't know what would be worse, climbing hills on this thing loaded down, or descending with a big load and nothing but a couple pair of Tiagra cantis with rusted cables keeping things under control.


Blogger Moz said...

I dunno about hard to ride down hill at speed - One Less Ute was pretty easy, even with just a v brake on the back wheel for brakes. I used to use it to go bike scrounging and at one stage came home with 4 or 5 bikes plus a big tower case PC on the bike and my top speed coming home was over 80kph according to the speedo.

That was probably on a big dip-bridge-hill where I was surfing with the traffic on a 4 lane road, than had to sprint the uphill until I got to a bus lane because the car behind me was getting really agressive. The downhill bit was fun, the bike was nice and stable (or I would have slowed down regardless of the hurt feelings of the motorists). Long bikes are generally stable as long as you secure the load - it's loose loads that kill you. Like, say, dogs or kids.

Friday, 11 August, 2006  

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