Monday, July 3

650B wheels, tires, and bikes

So I recently became a Rivendell member, and ordered all the Rivendell Readers on CD. The latest issue (which came in paper) has an article on the Rivendell Bleriot, a slightly more mass-production (and therefore more affordable) frame based on thier 650B wheeled Saluki.

650B is pretty neat. It is a hair smaller than 700C, and is therefore more durable, and easier to fit a smallish frame around.

I was curious what tires were available, and a quick search revealed these beauties:
These Panaracer Fatty Rumpkins have to be the coolest and weirdest looking tires ever. I love them. And they appear to only come in 650B. Best of all they are a nice fat 40mm wide. Yum.

This should probably be at least 3 posts because of all the coolness - 650B, that Bleriot frame, and the coolness of Panaracer for making so many really cool tires.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rivendell is discontinuing the Bleriot and coming out with the Hillborne (?) in Spring of '09, according to their website.

Tuesday, 23 September, 2008  
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