Tuesday, June 27

2 speeds means twice the love

2 things in life that just make everything ok: 1) finding sweet bike frames in the dump. 2) Bendix 2-speed kickback coaster brake hubs.

This hub is sweet. It has 2 gears, one reduced, and one direct. You switch between them by bumping the pedals backwards. And it is a coaster brake.

Bendix made 3 versions of this hub. The Blue stripe has a direct low gear, and a higher high gear. The Red stripe has a reduced low gear and a direct high gear, but has a nasty plate clutch type brake which tends to lock up and try to kill you. The yellow stripe also has a reduced low gear and direct high gear, but has a much more civilized shoe type brake like most common good coaster brakes.


Blogger Barrett said...

Sweet, indeed.

Thanks for clarifying the difference between the three Bendix "deuces". I'm finally building a bike around a Fichtel-Sachs Torpedo hub I've had around for a few years, so this should be a lot of (practical) fun.

- Barrett

Monday, 17 July, 2006  
Blogger ew said...

I guess I want my frame back now. You guys made it cool.

Tuesday, 18 July, 2006  

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