Monday, August 7

BinBike update

I *heart* binbike.

It looks like it is dang near done. The rohloff hub is nice for this. And I thought the disc brakes seemed a little overkill, but then I imagined myself flying downhill with 120 pounds of kitty litter and decided maybe not :)

I was also wondering why not BMX handlebars instead of the super long head tube, but I guess it is to clear the front load. Duh.


Blogger Moz said...

Yeah, the long head tube is because high handlebars wouldn't clear the load, but also because I don't like them. With a loadbike you're putting a lot of strain on the handlebars when you wheel the bike, and breaking bars is no fun at all. Heaving a bike that might weigh 100kg is bad enough, but having it fall on you at the same time as a nice sharp bit of metal appears... no. I like beefy steel handlebars :)

Tuesday, 08 August, 2006  
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